Automated Vehicle Technologies

What we do

Provide counsel to state, Federal, and international regulators and companies concerning automated and connected vehicle (AV/CV) legal and policy issues such as:

  • AV/CV data use and data privacy
  • communications technology issues
  • international regulatory harmonization issues
  • policy frameworks for AV/CV regulation

Perform research related to AV/CV policy and legal issues such as:

  • state and provincial regulation concerning testing of AVs
  • revision of state and provincial motor vehicle codes
  • comparison of AV/CV testing and certification approaches in the U.S. and internationally
  • data use and data privacy legislation and regulation in the U.S. and internationally that may impact AV/CV deployment
  • platooning of commercial vehicles and Army convoys

What we provide

For corporations and law firms, we can provide a custom-designed roadmap for regulatory advocacy on AV/CV legal and policy issues, or work as subject matter experts with in-house staff to refine and enhance regulatory advocacy, based on our knowledge of both commercial and military automated vehicle technologies and requirements.

For state and provincial Departments of Transportation, we provide white papers that outline the “state of play” with AV/CV legal and policy issues in the U.S. and internationally, as well as provide research (and findings and recommendations) on critical topics, including state and provincial preparations for AV/CV data management and use. We also provide counsel concerning contracting with third party vendors for AV/CV data management services. We have experience responding to state legislators’ interest in new legislation concerning AV/CV issues, and with providing findings and recommendations to legislators concerning AV/CV issues.

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